Salt Lake City Airport Arrivals (SLC)

Not all flights may be showing. If not available use search above to find your flight by airline, airport or flight number.
Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Honolulu (HNL) Hawaiian Airlines HA84 (1) 05:15 Delayed
Honolulu (HNL) JetBlue B65828 05:15 Delayed
Anchorage (ANC) Alaska Airlines AS84 (1) 05:30 05:03 Landed
Anchorage (ANC) Condor DE5190 05:30 05:03 Landed
Anchorage (ANC) Delta Air Lines DL765 (1) 06:17 05:54 Landed
Anchorage (ANC) Aeromexico AM3019 06:17 05:54 Landed
Denver (DEN) Frontier F93861 (1) 06:38 Scheduled
Denver (DEN) Volaris Y42305 06:38 Scheduled
Billings (BIL) Delta Air Lines DL1360 (1) 06:51 Scheduled
Billings (BIL) Aeromexico AM3426 06:51 Scheduled
Casper (CPR) Delta Connection DL4316 06:56 Scheduled
Kalispell (FCA) Delta Air Lines DL2201 (1) 06:58 Scheduled
Kalispell (FCA) Aeromexico AM3617 06:58 Scheduled
Idaho Falls (IDA) Delta Connection DL3884 (1) 07:01 Scheduled
Idaho Falls (IDA) Aeromexico AM3744 07:01 Scheduled
Bozeman (BZN) Delta Air Lines DL2686 (1) 07:01 Scheduled
Bozeman (BZN) Aeromexico AM4328 07:01 Scheduled
Albuquerque (ABQ) Delta Air Lines DL2007 (1) 07:02 Scheduled
Albuquerque (ABQ) Aeromexico AM4581 07:02 Scheduled
Missoula (MSO) Delta Air Lines DL2011 (1) 07:14 Scheduled
Missoula (MSO) Aeromexico AM4110 07:14 Scheduled
Denver (DEN) Delta Air Lines DL2544 (1) 07:15 Scheduled
Denver (DEN) Aeromexico AM3490 07:15 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) Delta Air Lines DL740 (1) 07:15 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) Aeromexico AM4431 07:15 Scheduled
Boise (BOI) Delta Air Lines DL2173 (1) 07:15 Scheduled
Boise (BOI) Aeromexico AM3387 07:15 Scheduled
Helena (HLN) Delta Connection DL3901 07:17 Scheduled
Saint George (SGU) Delta Connection DL4235 07:18 Scheduled
Great Falls (GTF) Delta Connection DL3862 (2) 07:18 Scheduled
Great Falls (GTF) KLM KL6228 07:18 Scheduled
Great Falls (GTF) Virgin Atlantic VS5280 07:18 Scheduled
Pocatello (PIH) Delta Connection DL3902 07:18 Scheduled
Honolulu (HNL) Delta Air Lines DL347 (3) 07:24 Scheduled
Honolulu (HNL) Aeromexico AM3737 07:24 Scheduled
Honolulu (HNL) Korean Air KE6787 07:24 Scheduled
Honolulu (HNL) Virgin Atlantic VS3754 07:24 Scheduled
Twin Falls (TWF) Delta Connection DL3813 07:24 Scheduled
Kansas City (MCI) Delta Air Lines DL1499 (1) 07:28 Scheduled
Kansas City (MCI) WestJet WS7268 07:28 Scheduled
Sacramento (SMF) Delta Air Lines DL2863 (2) 08:13 Scheduled
Sacramento (SMF) Aeromexico AM4708 08:13 Scheduled
Sacramento (SMF) KLM KL6367 08:13 Scheduled
Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN2569 08:15 Scheduled
Jackson (JAC) Delta Air Lines DL2486 (2) 08:21 Scheduled
Jackson (JAC) Aeromexico AM3728 08:21 Scheduled
Jackson (JAC) KLM KL6827 08:21 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) Delta Air Lines DL2674 (3) 08:24 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) Aeromexico AM4200 08:24 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) KLM KL5915 08:24 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) Korean Air KE6763 08:24 Scheduled
Phoenix (PHX) Delta Air Lines DL1373 (2) 08:25 Scheduled
Phoenix (PHX) Aeromexico AM4158 08:25 Scheduled
Phoenix (PHX) KLM KL5543 08:25 Scheduled
Reno (RNO) Delta Air Lines DL1473 (3) 08:29 Scheduled
Reno (RNO) Aeromexico AM4364 08:29 Scheduled
Reno (RNO) Air France AF8588 08:29 Scheduled
Reno (RNO) KLM KL6953 08:29 Scheduled
Sun Valley (SUN) Delta Connection DL4037 (2) 08:32 Scheduled
Sun Valley (SUN) Aeromexico AM4259 08:32 Scheduled
Sun Valley (SUN) KLM KL7597 08:32 Scheduled
Ontario (ONT) Delta Air Lines DL2027 (3) 08:33 Scheduled
Ontario (ONT) Aeromexico AM3837 08:33 Scheduled
Ontario (ONT) Air France AF8612 08:33 Scheduled
Ontario (ONT) KLM KL6909 08:33 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) Delta Air Lines DL2628 (1) 08:33 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) Aeromexico AM4184 08:33 Scheduled
Portland (PDX) Delta Air Lines DL2437 (3) 08:34 Scheduled
Portland (PDX) Aeromexico AM5365 08:34 Scheduled
Portland (PDX) KLM KL6927 08:34 Scheduled
Portland (PDX) WestJet WS7537 08:34 Scheduled
Elko (EKO) Delta Connection DL4324 08:36 Scheduled
Calgary (YYC) Delta Connection DL3807 (3) 08:38 Scheduled
Calgary (YYC) Aeromexico AM4461 08:38 Scheduled
Calgary (YYC) Air France AF2883 08:38 Scheduled
Calgary (YYC) WestJet WS6395 08:38 Scheduled
Oakland (OAK) Delta Air Lines DL2125 (3) 08:39 Scheduled
Oakland (OAK) Aeromexico AM5407 08:39 Scheduled
Oakland (OAK) Air France AF2946 08:39 Scheduled
Oakland (OAK) KLM KL6457 08:39 Scheduled
Fresno (FAT) Delta Connection DL4138 (3) 08:40 Scheduled
Fresno (FAT) Aeromexico AM4491 08:40 Scheduled
Fresno (FAT) Air France AF2148 08:40 Scheduled
Fresno (FAT) KLM KL7537 08:40 Scheduled
Spokane (GEG) Delta Air Lines DL2080 (2) 08:40 Scheduled
Spokane (GEG) Aeromexico AM4459 08:40 Scheduled
Spokane (GEG) KLM KL5841 08:40 Scheduled
Pasco (PSC) Delta Connection DL3910 (3) 08:42 Scheduled
Pasco (PSC) Aeromexico AM4041 08:42 Scheduled
Pasco (PSC) Air France AF2784 08:42 Scheduled
Pasco (PSC) KLM KL6935 08:42 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN4422 08:45 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Delta Air Lines DL2356 (3) 08:45 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Aeromexico AM4169 08:45 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) KLM KL6337 08:45 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Virgin Atlantic VS4541 08:45 Scheduled
Palm Springs (PSP) Delta Connection DL4030 (3) 08:46 Scheduled
Palm Springs (PSP) Aeromexico AM4307 08:46 Scheduled
Palm Springs (PSP) Air France AF2514 08:46 Scheduled
Palm Springs (PSP) KLM KL7575 08:46 Scheduled
Tucson (TUS) Delta Connection DL4070 (2) 08:48 Scheduled
Tucson (TUS) Aeromexico AM4248 08:48 Scheduled
Tucson (TUS) KLM KL6933 08:48 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Delta Air Lines DL2906 (2) 08:50 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Aeromexico AM5439 08:50 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Virgin Atlantic VS1952 08:50 Scheduled
Milwaukee (MKE) Delta Air Lines DL2776 (1) 08:50 Scheduled
Milwaukee (MKE) Aeromexico AM4126 08:50 Scheduled
Medford (MFR) Delta Connection DL3769 (2) 08:54 Scheduled
Medford (MFR) Aeromexico AM5426 08:54 Scheduled
Medford (MFR) KLM KL6859 08:54 Scheduled
Redmond (RDM) Delta Connection DL4004 (2) 08:54 Scheduled
Redmond (RDM) Aeromexico AM3961 08:54 Scheduled
Redmond (RDM) KLM KL7577 08:54 Scheduled
San Jose (SJC) Delta Air Lines DL2905 (2) 08:55 Scheduled
San Jose (SJC) Aeromexico AM4543 08:55 Scheduled
San Jose (SJC) KLM KL6351 08:55 Scheduled
Eugene (EUG) Delta Connection DL4116 (3) 08:59 Scheduled
Eugene (EUG) Aeromexico AM4806 08:59 Scheduled
Eugene (EUG) Air France AF2479 08:59 Scheduled
Eugene (EUG) KLM KL6777 08:59 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) JetBlue Airways B62532 09:03 Scheduled

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Flight Arrivals at Salt Lake City Airport

What services are available when arriving at Salt Lake City International Airport? Where is it ok to smoke, can I withdraw cash somewhere, how do I transfer from the airport? The questions can be numerous and we have listed the answers to some of them on this page.

WiFi at Salt Lake City Airport

Wireless internet service is available for free throughout the airport. Select the network “SLCAirport.wifi.” and connect. Once connected, open up the browser, click yes to accept the terms and conditions, choose to connect and it should be set up. The homepage for Salt Lake City International Airport will open and you will be able to surf.

Transfers at Salt Lake City Airport

Rental Cars – The airport has a car rental facility in the Gateway Center located adjacent to the parking garage. It is directly accessible from the terminal’s baggage claim area through two walk bridges.

Off-airport car rental companies offer shuttles to their rental car offices. See view and compare all car rental companies at Salt Lake City Airport (on and off airport grounds).

Buses – Utah Transit Authority, UTA, provides three bus routes that service Salt Lake City Airport; Route 453 between Salt Lake City and Tooele, Route 454 between Salt Lake City and Grantsville and Route 551 between the airport and the International Center. All routes provide a limited service and are only during weekdays. Route 551 only runs from the airport to the International Center in the mornings and only in the opposite direction in the evenings.

UTA provides a paratransit program for passengers with disabilities.

Taxis – The official taxis at the airport have permits to service the airport, as do all commercial transportation that may collect customers from there. Fares therefore have a set limit for journeys from the airport to all destinations within the Salt Lake City boundaries. The maximum fare depends on which of the two zones the area is divided into. The area that includes the airport grounds has the maximum of $25 and the other area’s maximum is $30. There are no regulations for the fares from the airport to areas outside the city boundaries.

The journey to central Salt Lake City takes around 15 minutes. Taxi cabs can be found outside the terminal’s on ground level. More information about taxis to and from Salt Lake City Airport.

Trains – UTA provides light train lines in Salt Lake City and the many suburbs in the county. The light rail is called TRAX, short for Transit Express, and the line serving the airport is the Green Line.

A new light rail train station is currently under construction at the airport so for the moment a Temporary Airport Station is providing the connection between the airport and the city center.

However, a short shuttle ride is necessary to transfer between the airport’s terminal and the light rail station. The complimentary shuttle services are provided from early morning all days of the week until late evening on weekdays and Saturday and early evening on Sundays.

Shuttles are found on the East Side of the platform when going to the airport and in between doors 1A and 2A on ground level curbside going from the airport.

Tickets are purchased through ticket machines at the station of departure. See more details about train services to and from Salt Lake City Airport.

Walk-Up Shuttles and Limousines – A few companies offer transfer services without the need for reservation in advance to walk-up customers. Counters are located on ground level.

RideShares – Ride Share transfers are arranged through the RideShare company’s app or website in advance of the transfer. The designated pick up zone for these companies, provided they have a permit to collect customers from the airport, is at the middle traffic lane outside the terminal’s ground level.

Hotel Shuttles – Hotels offering an airport shuttle service to their guests will collect them from the ground level of the terminal. These transfers are arranged by the traveler ahead of arrival. See a selection of hotels near Salt Lake City Airport.

Smoking at Salt Lake City Airport

Smoking (which includes vaping and e-cigarettes), is only permitted in designated areas located in front of the terminal, including one on the west side of the building on ground level.

Water Bottle Filling Stations at Salt Lake City Airport

Water stations for filling up empty water bottles can be found in various locations throughout the airport’s airside areas, including in the baggage claim area.

Translation Services at Salt Lake City Airport

Assistance with translation is available through the black handset paging phones located throughout the airport. The paging phones are wall-mounted with bases made of stainless steel. To request the translation assistance dial “0” on a paging phone.

Luggage Carts at Salt Lake City Airport

Luggage carts can be rented from cash and credit card-operated machines located in various locations throughout the airport’s terminal as well as in front of the terminal and inside the parking garage.

Lost and Found at Salt Lake City Airport

Items lost at the airport can be reported, and hopefully found, at the Airport Lost & Found office located in the office area of the Salt Lake City Department of Airport administration found on the third level of the terminal. They are open during normal office hours during weekdays and closed on city observed Holidays.

Information Desk at Salt Lake City Airport

An information desk can be found on the second level across from the baggage claim area.

Mother’s Room and Infant Care at Salt Lake City Airport

Breastfeeding is welcomed anywhere the traveling public is allowed at the airport, but there is a Private Mother’s Room located in most of the women's restrooms. These rooms are there so mothers can have a quiet moment while expressing milk or while nursing.

Diaper changing tables can be found in most of the women’s as well as men’s restrooms.

ATMs/Cash Machines at Salt Lake City Airport

US Bank provides a few ATMs at the airport, although they only serve members of certain networks. One of the machines is located in the Gateway Center, one in the main Terminal, one in Concourse A and one in Concourse B.

Animal Relief Stations at Salt Lake City Airport

There are three animal relief stations at the airport, one is outside on the west side of the terminal and the other two are on the airside, in Concourses A and B.

Food, Beverage and Shopping at Salt Lake City Airport

There are plenty of places to eat on the airside, the secure side of the airport. On the landside there is a Starbucks on level 1 and a Blue Lemon is due to arrive shortly.

As for shopping there is a Hudson News and a Maverik available on landside, while on airside there is a great variety of shops available.

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Things to see and do around and in Salt Lake City, Utah in the United States of America.