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Salt Lake City International Airport Train Transfers

When arriving at Salt Lake City Airport (SLC), please remember to retrieve all personal luggage from the baggage claim area before proceeding to the option of transfer from the airport. Transfer options available include rental cars, taxis, buses and trains, depending on the destination.

Trains at Salt Lake City Airport

TRAX, Transit Express, is a light rail system serving Salt Lake City and many of the suburbs throughout Salt Lake County. TRAX services are provided by UTA, Utah Transit Authority.

TRAX Green Line connects the airport with central Salt Lake City on a daily basis.

At the moment there is a Temporary Airport Station at the airport and a short shuttle ride between the airport’s terminal and the Temporary Airport Station is necessary. This is due to UTA currently constructing a new station at SLC. The plan is for the new station to be in operation in 2024.

To reach the TRAX station after arriving at the airport, go to the ground level of the terminal and find the shuttle on the outside between doors 1A and 2A.

To reach the airport terminal when it’s time to depart from the airport take the TRAX from the station of choice to the Temporary Airport Station and find the Airport Shuttle on the East Side of the platform.

Shuttles operate from approximately 5.30 AM to around 11.00 PM with departures every 15 minutes before 7.00 PM and every 30 minutes after 7.00 PM on weekdays.

On Saturdays the shuttles operate every 30 minutes from around 6.30 AM to approximately 11.30 PM while on Sundays they begin to operate at the same time but the last shuttle departs around 8.00 PM.

The TRAX Green Line connects with other TRAX lines as well with UTA bus routes.

Stops on the TRAX Green Line include:

  • Airport Station
  • 1940 W North Temple Station
  • Power Station
  • Fairbank Station
  • Jackson/Euclid Station
  • North Temple Bridge/Guadalupe
  • Arena Station
  • Temple Square Station
  • City Center Station
  • Gallivan Plaza Station
  • Courthouse Station
  • 900 South Station
  • Ballpark Station
  • Central Pointe Station
  • River Rail Station (not all trains stop here)
  • Redwood Junction Station (not all trains stop here)
  • Decker Lake Station (not all trains stop here)
  • West Valley Central Station (not all trains stop here)

Tickets for the TRAX can be purchased in the ticket machines located at the TRAX stations. The machines accept cash and debit as well as credit cards from VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Ticket fare is approximately $2.50 for a one-way journey.

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Where are the Train Stops at Salt Lake City Airport?

Train Station Name Latitude Longitude View on Map
Airport Station 40.784356 -111.982117 View
Map of Train Stops at Salt Lake City Airport