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Salt Lake City International Airport Transfers

A transfer is often needed to get to or from the airport. On this page we have listed options available at Salt Lake City International Airport.

Transfers at Salt Lake City Airport

Rental Cars – Some of the car rental companies at Salt Lake City Airport have their counters located in the Gateway Center adjacent to the parking garage. It is accessible directly from the terminal through two walk bridges in the baggage claim area.

There are also off-airport car rental companies offering their services at the airport. These companies have shuttles for the transfer between the terminal and their locations.

Buses – UTA, Utah Transit Authority, offers three different routes at the airport. Buses stop outside the terminal, on the curbside. All three services are limited and only on weekdays.

  • Route 453 is a route between Salt Lake City and Tooele.
  • Route 454 is a route between Salt Lake City and Grantsville.
  • Route 551 is a route between the airport and the International Center. It runs from the airport to the Center on weekday mornings and from the Center to the airport in the afternoons.

A single adult journey is $2.50. Tickets can be purchased on the bus using exact change. There is no change available.

UTA’s Paratransit program is providing public transportation for travelers with disabilities. More information about buses at Salt Lake City Airport.

TaxisTaxis at Salt Lake City Airport can be found at the taxi ranks located outside the terminal on curbside. Within the boundaries of Salt Lake City fare limits are applied, dictated by the airport, depending where within the city boundaries the destination is located. The geographical area is divided into 2 zones, within or outside 500 East, with the maximum fare being $25 within and $30 outside.

Additional charges may apply and taxis are allowed to add up to $5 per person on top of the first two.

Taxi fares outside of Salt Lake City boundaries are not regulated.

The journey to downtown Salt Lake City will cost a maximum of $30 and will take around 15 minutes.

Trains – TRAX, short for Transit Express, is a light rail system provided by UTA. It serves Salt Lake City and many of the suburbs in the county. TRAX Green Line serves the airport with daily connections to and from Salt Lake City.

There is currently a Temporary Airport Station in place as a new station is under construction, planned to be in operation sometime 2024. A short shuttle ride between the Temporary Airport Station and the airport terminal is necessary.

At the airport shuttles are found between doors 1A and 2A on the ground level’s curbside.

At the Temporary Airport Station the shuttles can be found on the East Side of the platform.

Shuttles are in operation from early morning all days of the week and until late evening on weekdays and Saturdays while the last shuttle departs around 8 PM on Sundays.

Tickets are purchased through the ticket machines at the TRAX stations. Further information about trains at Salt Lake City Airport.

Hotel Shuttles – Hotels that offer an airport shuttle service to their guests may collect their customers from the ground level of the terminal. The hotel will give more information once the transfer is organized and the airport information desk may also have more information. See a selection of hotels near Salt Lake City Airport.

Walk-Up Shuttles and Limousines – There are counters for companies offering their transfer services directly at the airport. This allows for travelers to organize their shuttle once they arrive at the airport.

Ride Shares – The designated pick-up area for Ride Share companies is located on the ground level middle traffic lane outside the terminal building.