Taxi Transfers To and From Salt Lake City Airport

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Salt Lake City International Airport Taxis - Fares, Distances and Where to Find Them

Upon arrival and after collecting your luggage from the baggage claim area at Salt Lake City International Airport it is time to proceed to the chosen means of transfer from the airport. Options of transfer available include rental cars, buses, trains and taxis.

Taxis at Salt Lake City Airport

The airport has maximum rates in place for the official airport ground transportation and taxi companies that have permits to serve the airport’s visitors.

Taxi ranks are located on the curbside outside the terminal.

The fare limits apply for journeys from the airport to locations within Salt Lake City boundaries divided into two geographical zones, within or outside of 500 East. Within 500 East has a maximum rate of $25 and outside 500 East has a maximum rate of $30.

Taxi cabs are allowed to add an additional charge of maximum $5 per person with two passengers already counted. Outside of Salt Lake City the fares are not regulated by the airport. Fares should always be negotiated prior to the departure from the airport.

The journey to downtown Salt Lake City takes approximately 15 minutes and will cost a maximum of $25-30 depending on in which of the two zones the exact address is situated.

Walk-Up Shuttle and Limousine Services at Salt Lake City Airport

Three different companies offer their transfer services at counters located on the ground level of the airport terminal. These transfers do not have to be organized in advance of the arrival at the airport and passengers may arrange for their transfer with one of these companies on-site upon their arrival.

Companies offering this walk-up counter service at Salt Lake City International Airport are:

  • Alta Shuttle: +1 866-274-0225
  • Salt Lake Express Shuttle: +1 877-671-0095
  • Yellow Cab: +1 807-521-2100

RideShares at Salt Lake City Airport

Ride Share transfers are arranged by the traveler or their representative through the RideShare company’s app or website. Companies have to have a permit to collect customers at the airport.

Designated pick-up areas for these companies are located in the middle traffic lane on the ground level outside of the terminal.